Two biracial sisters, Selma and Anniqua grew up in the 70s between London and Punjab. Fifty years later, stuck at home in the Spanish-speaking worlds of Andalusia and California, they embark on a virtual pilgrimage.  Gathering relics of literature and art, they trek through America, Europe, Asia, and Africa seeking selfhood. Indulgences for past sins like arson and chemical warfare on British slugs come easy. However, when their journey takes them through World War II and the Partition of India, they struggle with the tragedy of identities branded on the innocent. It will take a Simurgh’s feather to bring them home.


And since you came as thirty birds, you see 
The Simorgh, Truth’s last flawless jewel, the light 
In which you will be lost to mortal sight 
Dispersed to nothingness until once more 
You find me in the selves you were before.

Farid ud-Din Attar